Town Planning

Lisa Engelbrecht holds a Bachelor of Arts (Urban and Regional Planning) and has many years of experience in both the local government and private practice town planning spheres.

Lisa joined Ellery Brookman in 2017.  She has undertaken specialised project work for local authorities and has extensive experience in governance, having been a member of the Cottesloe Design Advisory Panel, John XXIII College Council as well as Chairperson of the John XXIII College Property & Planning Committee.

Lisa has strongly developed skills that allow her to successfully interpret statutory and non-statutory town planning documents and negotiate acceptable development outcomes.  She specialises in development assessments, development applications (to both local government and Development Assessment Panel), preparation of rezoning applications, preparation of structure plans, preparation of local development plans, subdivision design and application, liquor licencing reporting and demographics, submissions relating to local planning scheme reviews and State Administrative Tribunal applications (including representation at mediation). Lisa can provide design advice, prepare all the required application forms and supporting information (in consultation with other professionals if required), as well as guide applications through the process, including public advertising and meetings.

Lisa has also been involved in providing design advice and assessing development designs against local planning policies and the Residential Design Codes on behalf of a number of Western Australian building companies. She has assessed building designs for developer approvals at Beachridge Estate in Jurien Bay.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a qualified town planner to lodge an application on my behalf?

A. Property is often the largest single investment made by individuals and the planning process can be daunting and emotional, particularly when adjoining property owners are involved.  You do not need a town planner to lodge, however a consultant can guide you through the process, while maintaining professional boundaries and obtaining an acceptable development outcome.

Knowing what steps the process involves and what information is required can shorten determination timeframes, which in turn may reduce costs and stress.

Q. Why can’t I do whatever I want on my property?

A. The planning system was devised to consider economic, social and environmental issues, through the management of land use and development coordination.  The regulations that guide development on your property also guide development on surrounding properties, providing some certainty and security for your investment.

Q. How can Ellery Brookman help me with my property queries?

A. Western Australia’s planning system is based on the provisions of the Planning and Development Act 2005 (the P&D Act), which provides a comprehensive system of land-use planning and development.  Legislation and statutory documents often require interpretation in a legal sense. Ellery Brookman is unique in its ability to provide a combination of town planning and legal advice where required, providing a holistic service for all your property needs.

Q. I am unhappy with the determination on my application/submission. What now?

A. In most cases, there are a number of options for reconsideration.  Recommendations on the appropriate method can be made based on the type of determination, as well as time and cost constraints.